viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Today's objects

Today was so surprising...I do a lot of different things: I make a photoshoot with my friend Moira (you can see an shop update soon!), then I was to a feminist protest that took place in the front of the ministry of health to repudiate the statements of ministers regarding sexual and reproductive rights of women in my country...after that I picked up the mail and I found  with many things I've been waiting: a copy of Fashionary (I post about it before) and I love it, is sooo useful and elegant, I can't wait to start drawing on it; a copy of Worn Magazine (I suscribed to this indie fashion magazine because I thing is a iniciative that needs support...and because I love its articles)...Finally,  we (Nico and me) did a tour of Chinese supermarkets and he gave me a beautiful  kokeshi doll... I think it will be the first of a colorful collection.



Libro 800 puntos y consejos de Agujas y Ganchillo. 1974.

2 comentarios:

  1. Que linda la muñequita, me encanto! suerte en tus nuevos diseños, que ganas de ver las fotos, y que por que lo de la protesta? por el aborto terapeutico?


  2. Hola Bá, por lo del aborto...oye gracias por tus palabras e interés en mis tejidos...esta semana espero subir los productos nuevos :)