lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

Things I love: Natasha Mileshina is Bubbo Tubbo



Today I received a beautiful package from Bubbo Tubbo, purchase I made a few weeks ago from her Etsy shop and the truth is that I had no expectations of receiving more than an organizer, but I was breathless for a moment looking at the fantastic work and many extra goodies she included in the package. It is so much emotion that I feel I must share with you their work.

You can find in her shop, custom stationery + calligraphy + typography + posters + prints
I love them all!!!

I bought this one:

organizer | in my shop

And she give to me this extra goodies:

perhaps, fresh haircut do the trick with my headache

free photo set

Here more of her work:


Etsy Shop


gift wrap / my shop

sewing machine

kidney for ginger hair!



wrapped planner / my shop

package for my things

letterpress gift wrap set / my shop

(All images was taken from Bubbo Tubbo's flickr)

2 comentarios:

  1. Mercedes, estos calendarios hay que pagar para poder imprimirlos????? me encantaron!!! gracias por el dato

  2. Creo que si, ella vende las cosas impresas pero si te suscribes a su boletín te envía frecuentemente algunos freebies para descargar :)