jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Changing my Shop Name :(


I'm in the process of change my shop name because I discover to another designer  with the same name!!...I respect her work and trayectory so...i'm searching some good ideas but is so difficult...there are so many alternatives...I have this by now:
- Puro Afán (is something like Pure Eagerness, I don't know if means really the same thing than spanish)
 - Textura (Texture)

...I don't know...I'm asking feedback to my friends...What d you think would be a great name for my shop?
I'll be really grateful if you let me know some suggestions :)

2 comentarios:

  1. I like both of them...But I have to say that the name that I think goes better with your store is "Puro Afán", Meme ;)
    Dale no más que el nombre está bello, y tiene cara de que te va a traer muy buena suerte, ¿vendrá con su marraquetita bajo el brazo? De más!!! Me tinca totalmente!!

  2. holis
    me gusto el nombre nuevo! a mi tb me gustan las cuncunas!
    voy a cambiar el banner viejo por el nuevo entonces! te invito que cambies el banner de mi blog tb pork hice unos nuevos si kieres!