jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Weekend Deals in Etsy Latino :)

lana17, originally uploaded by Con pájaros en mi cabeza.
Hi there!
I want to share an amazing oportunity for all shoppers.
 As members of the Etsy Latino Team, we are having a special promo, for more info, see our Blog:

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  1. I sell on Etsy too and I had no idea that there was an Etsy Latino!!! I'm so jealous - wish I was a part of iT! Well I'm going to go check it out and thank you for grabbing REtto girl!

  2. Hola!!!, que lindo esta tu blog, he estado sacandome canas verdes con el mio y pase a saludarte para hacerme el hábito!

  3. love your blog, classmate! and stole your adorable button!

  4. hi fellow indie-bus student, CONGRATS on making it on the Etsy page!! i just saw the newsletter with your work in it! it's so gorgeous, you deserve it!!

  5. Thanks!!!! I didn's spected that...I'm so happy :)
    Thanks for your words and support!